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2018/09/19 08:05:00






A few days ago, the news of Jack Ma’s resignation went viral in WeChat Moments: one year from now, Jack Ma shall return to education. 

Indeed, he will return.

Before founding Alibaba, Jack Ma had been an English teacher for six and a half years at Hangzhou Dianzi University. Mr. Ma’s fame follows merit. 

Starting bare-handed in e-commerce, his company Taobao gathered the strength in C2C and ultimately created a myth. It is Ma Yun who is the Father of China’s E-commerce. 







From the Three-point Law, Nine Values, to the refined Six Values, the magnate Alibaba has arranged the successor in order while many other enterprises are having difficulties in leadership succession. Jack Ma goes even farther than a Master of Management. 

After multiple failures in job hunting, four attempted startups, Jack Ma finally impressed Sun, Zhengyi in 6 minutes and obtained an investment of RMB 20 million Yuan. No one is as qualified as Jack Ma as an entrepreneurship mentor. 

There is a classic line in Spider-man, “With great power comes great responsibility”. As a Jack of all trades, Mr. Ma’s dissection to the educational status quo is thought-provoking. 

Let’s explore the most needed talent in the future in Mr. Ma’s speech. 


"Play" leads to high EQ




AI World 2018 now is held in Shanghai. Whether the rapid development of artificial intelligence could replace human beings remains controversial. 

It is beyond question that artificial intelligence will cover a mass of basic work, for example, memory, recitation and calculation. 

This is precisely what our education has been done. Jack Ma has said many times, “I can assure you that children will not be able to find jobs in 30 years because they have no way of competing for machines.”






What is impossible for a machine to do? It’s human emotions, feelings and love, in a word, Emotional Quotient (EQ). Ma Yun has made close observation that a person who works well at school always does not have a high EQ; while a person who has a high EQ often refuses to study hard. 

Jack especially encouraged children to play. "The smartest children can play and read," he said,“The second is to play may not be able to read; Those who can read but not play are very troublesome."

In Alibaba, the most promising employees are those who know how to live it up, but get less recognition from their teachers and with poor academic performance. The Straight A Students will not be recruited by Alibaba, because they tend to be a “learning machine”, who are unable to take a beating.  






IQ may make you undefeated and let you know what is stupidness, but only EQ makes you meet with great favor. Yao, Ming, the Chairman of Chinese Basketball Association captured the hearts of countless fans in the recent Asian Games with his humorous and witty responses.

There are many more talented basketball stars in the world, but few stars are more popular than Yao, Ming. 

EQ is a way cooler weapon, which shoots with great precision and plays the decisive role. 




Arts Education





The book, Communication Skills Are Essential to High EQ, was among the best-selling books list about two years ago. You can indicate the importance of communication skills from the book title. As for how to communicate effectively and smoothly, people will need to cultivate imagination and exploratory thinking, which people can attain from arts education.

Jack Ma used to come across a Chinese girl learning figure skating in Canada, accompanied by her mother. Considering that Chinese figure skating is highly skilled,Jack was confused why this girl chose to come to Canada only for the figure skating courses, rather than attending these in China.

The girl’s mother responded that figure skating courses were totally different in China and Canada. For example, music is set aside from the courses as background in China, whereas it is part of the courses in Canada.

About a decade ago there was a discussion around why Chinese elite figure skating athletes were not able to obtain world champions, no matter how hard skills they could show and how perfect the choreography they could perform. 






Here is the answer –Chinese figure skating is more like a precise and controlled robot, without any emotions, imaginations, or vitality.

It is crucial for people to cultivate certain levels of arts appreciation to taste music perception and color emotion. Take Steve Jobs as a typical example, due to arts education in his early years, he successfully designed cellphones into an artwork, opening a new era of smartphones?

With arts education, people can develop sense of communication skills through language, color, melody and anything else in the world. 




The Wisdom of Clash



In the 2006 FIFA World Cup, people were shocked by the Zinedine Zidane’s head-butting moment. Zinedine ended his career while Marco Materazzi gained both fame and fortune.

Sometimes we come across similar situations in real life, which makes wisdom a necessity to resolve the conflicts.







Jack Ma once said, Chinese parents usually scold their children once they fought, because parents all believed that fighting was not acceptable. Is this correct? Jack believed that we should allow certain sport clash between children, so that they could discover the problems and solve by themselves.

Dwyane Wade, one of the famous NBA players, also talked about his clash with his friends during childhood, which developed his wisdom of sport clash and eventually helped him get along well with superstars.






With the development of science and technology and the refinement of the social division, individual capability for solving a problem is increasingly restricted. Therefore, team collaboration is becoming an irresistible trend.

“Where there are people, there is Jianghu”, People will always confront contradictions and struggles in all types in the society. 

Therefore, sport clash is a necessary training for children before they step into the society. 




As Jack Ma said, music, sports and art are vital for children to grow up and become a person, rather than a learning machine.


In the age of enlightenment for children, music, art and sports can arouse their pure mind, and set foundation for their future growth. This is what DTD has been suggesting and implementing, including exploratory courses to inspire children’s interests, music and art to unlock children’s wisdom, sports courses such as rowing and rock climbing to cultivate children’s teamwork, and so on.


What children will face in the future will no longer be the competition of knowledge, but more of creativity and imagination, of leadership and responsibility, and of independent thinking and problem solving skills. DTD believes that the mission of future generation education is not to train high-score children, but to guide every child to grow up to be the best he or she can be.