Edu Concept

In today’s world

Of internet driven business and the rapid development of AI technology, the skills that students will need to standout in the world are ever evolving.

When facing the future

DTD thinks about how can we best we can equip our students to face this future.

By asking ourselves

How can our children have the character and ability to thrive in the changing global environment?

DTD believes

Every student is a unique individual with multiple talents and unlimited potential.DTD aims to develop a global perspective and inspire unlimited potential.

Values of DTD
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Key Competencies

Key Competencies:
【Mission】To Foster Chinese Talents to Stand Out in The World
【Content】Based on the qualities of Chinese tradition and culture, integrating the best of Eastern and Western teaching practices.To foster global citizens with patriotic values, international vision, balanced personality and 21st century skills.
【Learner Profile】: 5C5R
In order to fulfil our mission of fostering Chinese talents to stand out in the world, through research and experience DTD has identified ten key traits that make up DTD’s learner profile. These traits make up the DTD learning profile and are embedded throughout all aspects DTD’s education.


1、自信 Confident
We understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to believe that we are able to reach our goals by ourselves. When facing challenges, we try our best, and are proud of our efforts.
2、真诚 Cordial
When dealing with others we are sincere and honest, and are wholehearted in all aspects of our lives.
3、关爱 Caring
We are sympathetic and loving, we voluntarily provide positive support and help to others, and try to make the world around us a better place.
4、交流 Communicative
We are able to communicate in multiple ways and in multiple languages. We try be to understand others, and communicate genuinely with others, treating all people as equals and maintaining an open and cooperative mindset.
5、创造 Creative
We have the ability to think creatively and practice innovatively. We actively explore new thoughts, ideas, and the world with an open mindset.

We are understanding of others, protect their privacy, accept their shortcomings, respect their personality, and accept their views on social values with open and tolerant attitude.
We have correct and clear assessment of regulations、responsibilities and obligations for ourselves and others, families, country and society. We take responsibility for our own behavior and any consequences of our actions.
3、勇气 Risk-Taking
We have courage to face challenges, be independent and defend our own belief, accept challenges and take risks, we are brave to ask question and voice our opinions.
We have a strong will. When we confront difficulties, frustration and pressure, we could keep calm and positive attitudes towards the goals without giving up.
5、自省 Reflective
We think about our actions and behavior. And make adjustments in order to better help us achieve our goals.

DTD Education Philosophy

DTD embeds our core values and learning profile into all aspects of the education we provide. Our curriculum design, teaching methods, and educational management as well as the environment we provide for our students are all student focused and incorporate DTD’s core values.
The core philosophy is “Develop Global Vision ,Inspire Unlimited Potential”
DTD aims to foster Chinese talents to stand out in the world. The 5C5R learner profile is aimed at fulfilling this mission whilst ensuring our students enjoy well-balanced development in physically、mentally and spiritually.
DTD’s Pedagogy(teaching methods),Curriculum, Faculty, Environment that we provide for our students are all student focused and incorporate DTD’s core values.
At DTD a well-balanced curriculum is provided, with focus on transdisciplinary, cultural awareness and curriculum continuity. Various course choices are provided for kids at different age level, so as to meet their diverse learning and developing needs.