Curriculum System


Kindergartens offer six fields with 109 courses in life Skills, Sports, Games, Learning, Art and Science. Independent Research and develop 10 feature courses in the six fields.
The curriculum needs to be designed in a way that truly in accord with the cognitive development of the children and also develops their core competencies.


BASIC COURSES:following the requirements of “Shanghai Preschool Education Curriculum Guide” , taking “3-6-year-old children learning development guide” as the guide, and establishing the core curriculum concept of “child development-oriented” , constitute the standard curriculum through life Skills, Sports, Games, Learning.

Quality Courses:based on the basic courses, DTD Early Childhood Education offers core competency courses in science and art, which fully respecting the needs of children’s individuation development, vision expansion and interest selection.

Characteristic Courses:According to students’ interest and teachers’ professional abilities, each kindergarten develops the characteristic curriculum with the style of each kindergarten, forming their own unique cultural atmosphere.

Expansion:exhibition, performance, graduation ceremony, etc.


Curriculum philosophy

The bilingual and multicultural curriculum draws on the best of Western education and is rooted in the Chinese basic education .

  1. Basic Curriculum:Compulsory Education.
  2. Feature courses:school-based Curriculum, such as art, sports, STEAM.
  3. Extended subject-based Curriculum:monthly thematic activities.
  4. English Curriculum:Basic English Curriculum with reference to English-speaking countries such as Common Core State Standards.

Features of teaching

  1. English Immersion Academic Environment:We don’t teach language. We use language to teach.
  2. Two Homeroom Teachers:Both Chinese and expect homeroom teacher are helping our students.
  3. Multi-culture:Self-contained class for G1-G5, shift class for G6-G8
  4. Small Scale Class Education:Max students number in one class:24, Proportion of teachers and students:1:8

Extended subject-based Curriculum :

School arranges a ” thematic activity week” every month, covering books, history, charity, Chinese, debate, science, music and music to fully arouse students’ unlimited potential, balance their personality, at the same time mobilize parents to participate in the activities, which helps to establish a happy campus culture

Shanghai DTD Academy has been authorized by Cambridge Assessment International Education to provide IGCSE (Upper Secondary Foundation Qualification) and A Level (Upper Secondary Advanced Qualification) certification curriculum. At the end of the course, students would take the global examination organized by Cambridge International to achieve certifications.